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Here are books, DVDs and web links to local community agencies that will assist people starting anew in America.

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These phrasebooks are designed to supply refugees with the appropriate English phrases and supplementary vocabulary for use in the daily activities of American life (rather than simply word-to-word translations, as in a dictionary). Phrases contained in the books have been selected for their directness, brevity and relevance to the needs of newly arrived residents of the United States. Among the nineteen units included are sections on "Giving Information About Yourself," "Recognizing Signs," "Dealing With Money," "Health," "Food," "Clothing," "Housing," and "Jobs."

English-Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (7.3 MB)
*English-Chinese (Cantonese) (7.39 MB)
English-Czech (7.74 MB)
English-Farsi (2.06 MB)
English-Haitian Creole (6.77 MB)
English-Hmong (2.58 MB)
English-Hungarian (6.44 MB)
English-Khmer (2.40 MB)
English-Lao (2.41 MB)
English-Polish (6.84 MB)
English-Russian (7.34 MB)
English-Somali (3.37 MB)
English-Spanish (7.02 MB)

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